Fuji PYZ Series PYZ4RAY1-4V Controller Dead

I’ve got 3 PYZ series PYZ4RAY1-4V controllers who have all decided to quit working in a week or so of eachother.

Fuji PYZ Controller

Fuji PYZ Controller

They all won’t respond correctly to the sense input (TC, RTD, Voltage/Current) and 2 of them are stuck at -208 no matter what. I don’t see any glaring issues on the boards, the capacitors are all happy, nothing burned out/damaged. Can’t find any reference to them on the internet except for a manual here.

I’ve also got an Omega CN8500 with similar issues.

Anyone else familiar with these controllers?

Fuji PYZ Controller

Lots of Fuji PYZ Controllers

2 thoughts on “Fuji PYZ Series PYZ4RAY1-4V Controller Dead

  1. oren

    I’ve encountered exactly the same problem with an Omega CN8500. After turning it ON I get an error message (“ERR.L”) which (according to the manual) means “Reversed sensor”. Replacing the sensor and/or changing the controller parameters doesn’t help.

    Were you able to make it work in the end?

  2. Waterppk Post author

    I was never able to get mine to work, I wonder if whatever chip is doing the conditioning on the thermocouple input isn’t broken.

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