Pollution and Our Planet

Ran across this photo series the other day and I’ve been thinking about the images and repercussions for a while – have a look. This goes a long way to show how minimizing pollution in the US and other major developed countries will have little impact on the overall effect of pollution/emissions on a global scale. . .

Related to this, and very much worth the time to watch, is this video on our planet

And while we’re on the topic, you should stop by YouTube and check out these videos that will really put things into perspective.

One thought on “Pollution and Our Planet

  1. Colin McCambridge

    Just in case I forget to come back to this in the morning, I wanted to post a quick comment and say that you should definitely watch the documentary “Manufactured Landscapes” if you’ve never seen it. It’s worth renting, but fair warning that it’s very unsettling.

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