Interesting HAM / Amateur Radio Frequencies Around Madison, WI

I just picked up a VX-6R handheld amateur radio off of eBay and have been scanning the airwaves in and around Madison. I thought I might be helpful to post interesting frequencies as I run into them:

152.390, 152.415, 152.330 Seems like the taxi dispatchers, all from dispatch to the cabs, haven’t found the cab frequencies yet
146.685 pl:123 BARS Repeater
859.7375, 857.9875, 856.7125, 856.2125 Police
858.2125 Paramedics, Fire, Police, Madison Metro Bus Dispatch, Meriter Receiving
453.250 UW Safe Walk
444.375 Weather Spotters

Here’s a nice list of nets:

Wisconsin Nets

Nice list of state used frequencies:
State Radio Frequencies (police, UW, etc)

I’ll keep posting things as I run into them. Anyone else have anything interesting around here?

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  1. josh diehm,ka9lyh

    thanks for the interesting information, am trying to get active in radio again

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